Liberty Bow French BarretteLiberty Bow French Barrette
On sale

Liberty Bow French Barrette

€55,95 €93,95
Word BarretteWord Barrette
On sale

Word Barrette

€74,95 €131,95
Dhalia Bow French BarretteDhalia Bow French Barrette
On sale

Dhalia Bow French Barrette

€64,95 €93,95
Lily Pearl and Crystal French BarretteLily Pearl and Crystal French Barrette
On sale
Fresh Water Pearl Jumbo BarretteFresh Water Pearl Jumbo Barrette
Sold out
Duo Pearl Pin BarretteDuo Pearl Pin Barrette
On sale

Duo Pearl Pin Barrette

€46,95 €83,95
Void Crystal BarretteVoid Crystal Barrette
On sale

Void Crystal Barrette

€75,95 €121,95
Large Piette BarretteLarge Piette Barrette
On sale

Large Piette Barrette

€93,95 €150,95
Amy BowAmy Bow

Amy Bow

Chain Link Heart BarretteChain Link Heart Barrette
On sale

Chain Link Heart Barrette

€65,95 €112,95
Full Heart Petite BarretteFull Heart Petite Barrette
On sale

Full Heart Petite Barrette

€169,95 €188,95
Oculus BarretteOculus Barrette

Oculus Barrette

From €121,95
Dot Your Pearl French BarretteDot Your Pearl French Barrette
On sale

Dot Your Pearl French Barrette

€93,95 €160,95
Later Crystal BarretteLater Crystal Barrette
On sale

Later Crystal Barrette

€74,95 €112,95
Swan Vee BarretteSwan Vee Barrette
On sale

Swan Vee Barrette

€188,95 €264,95
Slit Metal French BarretteSlit Metal French Barrette
On sale

Slit Metal French Barrette

€102,95 €140,95
Vee Shark Tooth BarretteVee Shark Tooth Barrette
Sold out

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